Service for high power rectifiers

Whether individual performance or complete program - everything from one stop source

  • Condition Assessment of operating plants
  • Development of concepts for preservation and extension of lifetime or for the power increase
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Modification and / or replacement of existing controls
  • Upgrading or replacement of rectifier cooling groups
  • Procurement of spare parts
  • Service Hotline (24) and Operational Fault Correction Service

Our service

After installation rectifier plants should operate as long, smoothly and efficiently as possible. The GSB services listed below, which are offered for different manufacturers, are dedicated to this goal.

Condition testing - Inspection
By visual inspection, temperature measurements, power factor and harmonic measurements, examination of alarm and shutdown signals, and functional testing of surge suppressors and overcurrent protection relays, GSB ensures that errors are identified early and potential damage will be avoided or at least minimized.

Preventive maintenance
Replacement of wear materials and parts, which are unavailable as spare parts, and selection of suitable successor products. Specifically, programmable logic controllers, which due to continous technical developments should be replaced after a servicelife of 10 to 15 years. The reasons being that the controllers after this time no longer correspond to the current technical standards as well as exhibibiting prohibitly expensive spare parts.

Performance Upgrade
Adapting to higher operational requirements, in order to prevent an overload or shortening of service life. These measurements include the installation of additional semiconductors or fuses, the reinforcement of transmission busbars and improvements in cooling. Such measures may also optimize the operational efficiency oft he rectifier.

In an exceptional case of failure
In spite of all, the failure of a rectifier should occur, the IBS engineers of GSB are available for you on the telephone hotline, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They will help you to localize the cause of the fault, assisting in the procurement of spare parts, and will help to organize the technical assistance through the co-operation of our local service partners.

Maintenance contracts
The system support can also be bundled with maintenance contracts.