Service, inspection and maintanance

Up to date - your transformer stations and switchgears

  • Maintenance and inspection of local network stations
  • Maintenance and inspection of cable distribution cabinets
  • Revision, maintenance and repair of switching devices
  • Periodic testing of protection relays
  • Cleaning of closed electrical operating Areas
  • Service Hotline (24h) and Operational Fault Correction Service

Our Service

The sensible areas of a power supply system are its nodes. In order for you to be able to rely on your network, we offer a comprehensive service package for various local network station types and all major station components. By every maintenace measure the GSB assembly team carry out the work according to the special requirements and provisions of the respective switchgear and switch manufacturers. To avoid unnecessary switching and to ensure uninterrupted power supply, cleaning measurements of low voltage equipment are carried out under voltage (AuS) if required. The protection equipment and their proper functioning have a direct influence on a trouble-free operation of your system. An optimal level of security in the interaction of the individual components is therefore of great economic interest of the plant operator. GSB offers testing of the components of all common brands.

Due to the increased potential hazards, access to control rooms and transformer stations is limited. We ensure that before cleaning measurements of "closed electrical operating areas" are carried out, an individual risk assessment is performed. For this work, we use only specially trained personnel.

  • GSB reference: service and installation

  • GSB reference: maintenance and inspection